Side Projects

How to start a Side Project. 6. Be passionate about it.

When you return home from a hard day at the office it’s hard to get back to work for another four or more hours. What will get you through the hard times of working more is passion. This gives you willpower and mental strength to go through the extra work.

To have passion you have to genuinely believe in your idea. If the idea you chose does not inspire passion in you, then it’s not the idea you are looking for. Keep the brainstorming going until you find an idea that does the click.

You also need to be excited about the technology and tools you will be using. Like we already discussed, it’s best to stick to what you already know. If your current tools feel boring to you, then it can be ok to extend your stack. However lots of people choose tools out of fear of keeping up with tech. This is a big mistake. Some of the biggest successes out there were created with good old fashioned tools.

Also if you choose to have a partner, make it so he/she is one that inspires you and gives you positive vibes. You can’t commit to something long term if the other person does not share your passion about the project.

Every one of the parameters of your environment (tools, tech, people) contributes to your potential success and raises your chances if you are passionate about it.