Side Projects

How to start a Side Project. 4. Focus on what is important.

One of the skills you’ll need for your side hustle to succeed is prioritization. The reason is that it is something you will do in hours outside of work. You would be lucky if you can allocate three to four hours a day, five days a week.

When your resources and your time are scarce you have to learn to prioritize. This means that you have to be careful about spending your money and resources and even more careful how you spend your time. Actually everyone should learn to prioritize anyway. Nobody ever has infinite resources.

Focus on the things that matter. Write down what the most important parts are, and focus on them. Do you need a professional made logo for your project ? Well in theory it would help but is it important at this point? A lot of things “would help” but they actually don’t. Instead they take time and resources you need to allocate to the core of your business.

Let’s say you are building a todo app. What is the epicenter of your app? Task management, right? So focus on getting that right first and foremost. The ability for people to chat through your app, or to export their calendar is nice but it’s not the epicenter. People will expect great task management by buying your app. Everything else is secondary.

Say no to anything other than the epicenter. Say no to nice-to-have features. These will be created later. If and only if you get the basics right first.

Set some goals and create action items based on them. For example if your long term goal is to quit your job set smaller goals. Like getting the first paying customers. Create all the features that will make people pay for your product and ignore everything else until the time comes. You’ll know when the time comes because it will be the next step required to reach your next goal.