Thank you for your trust

Over the last decade we have all watched our workflow move to the web.
Back in the 90s our equipment consisted of many books and a desktop
computer with a word processor. These days it's just a laptop or tablet
computer, with most of our work stored online.

I created Deskhot Bookmarks, because I felt that the tools around me
were not created for this new and improved workflow. I was not alone.
Over the last couple of years, hundreds of people from around the world
have trusted Deskhot to store more than 120.000 bookmarks.

Our team prepares a new productivity suite for the era of touch devices
and remote working. We have to make way for new and exciting things.
At the same time we will keep our promise to store your bookmarks for
ever, in the tool you loved over the years.

We are moving Deskhot Bookmarks to
where your account will always be available, free of charge.
We will meet again when we release the next generation of Deskhot,
as we share the vision of free information flow in a connected world.

To all of you, early adopters. Thank you for your trust.

Vangelis Bibakis

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